From the iron and fire comes the art of the knife in Sardinia

Bottega Artigiana by Luciano Spanu

The art of lUCIANO sPANU

Luciano Spanu was born in 1949 in Dorgali, a big town situated between Barbagia and Ogliastra,   which is renowned for its thriving handicraft and   tourist trade.

He keeps up a long family tradition since the beginning of 1900. In his blacksmith's workshop he realizes knives following an old iron forging technique, as regards the blade; whereas the knife handle is made out of mouflon or ram horns which give it a dark speckled or blond coloration.

The creation of a knife is a manual labour and it requires several hours.


An ancient art like Sardinian

The horn is first kept in the fire so that heat makes it soft and malleable. Next, it is pressed in a vice so that the horn takes a straight form and two equal parts are obtained. These two parts are used to make the knife handle, which is shaped through a steel core set between the two parts. Some little nails draw them together.

Afterwards the incandescent steel is stricken on the anvil until it takes the typical form of a flame (“sa framma”).

Then, the blacksmith puts an edge on the blade and his personal mark.


“Sa Resorza”

Finally, the insertion of a brass or silver ring between the blame and the handle, and the finishing complete the knife.


The Sardinian “resorza” was first used as an indispensable work-tool by shepherds and farmers. Today it has turned into a refined knife, an unique and rare object for collectors.


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